There are two awards : the best paper award published in the journal Methodology and the best PhD-presentation during the EAM conference. Both winners will be announced during the special award ceremony.

Best paper award
A jury selected the best paper published in the last two volumes of the journal Methodology. The winner of the best paper award will be announced during the award session of Friday (16:30-17:00).

Best PhD-student paper presentation
A jury pre-selected eight abstract out of 40 nominated abstracts. Two criteria have been used to select potential candidates for the best PhD presentation: is the title attractive and is the abstract an abstract, that is, does is contain research question and research outcome. These criteria have been chosen because first of all you have to be able to attract the audience before you can give a great presentation.

During the conference two jury members will attend each presentation and decide who will win the best student presentation award. The winner will be announced during the award session of Friday (16:30-17:00).

Pre-selected nominees:

  • Buerger, Sarah – Eexperimental investigation of mode effects in the National Educational Panel Study –   23-Jul  11:50-12:10
  • Niezink, Nynke – Always in interaction: Continuous time modeling of panel data taking into account social embededness – 23-Jul  16:20- 16:40  
  • Troncoso, Patricio – The complexity of school effects: a bivariate multilevel analysis of academic performance in Chile – 24-Jul  09:00- 09:20  
  • Korber, Julian – Analysing social network models with missing data.  A comparison of models for Bilinear Mixed Effects and Exponential Random Graphs. – 24-Jul  09:45-10:05   
  • Aert, Robbie – Unbiased effect estimation in the presence of publication bias: A new method for meta-analysis and assessing publication bias – 24-Jul  11:00-11:20   
  • Nuijten, M. – The Replication Paradox: Multiple studies with low power can increase bias – 24-Jul  11:35-11:50   
  • Dong, Guanpeng – Multilevel modelling with spatial processes: An analysis of individuals’ subjective travelling satisfaction in Beijing, China – 24-Jul 12:05-12:30   
  • Haan-Rietdijk, S – Get over it! A multilevel threshold autoregressive model for state-dependent affect regulation – 24-Jul  15:25-15:45   





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