Qualitative, quantitative or mixed studies reviews: choosing the right method

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Qualitative, quantitative or mixed studies reviews: choosing the right method



Systematic reviews are used in a diverse range of scientific fields to synthesize available knowledge and guide evidence-based practice. In addition to aggregating quantitative findings in a meta-analysis, qualitative research is increasingly synthesized. Moreover, mixed studies reviews are currently undertaken that combine evidence from both quantitative and qualitative studies. The audience will be invited to consider review questions in their own disciplines that may lead to these different types of reviews.

The knowledge that mixed studies reviews provide is exhilarating, showing effect sizes and understanding at the same time, but they are methodologically challenging. In this workshop we will demonstrate three reviews: 1. Qualitative evidence synthesis; 2. Combination of quantitative and qualitative evidence synthesis using a matrix method; 3. Combination of quantitative and qualitative intervention studies using a context-mechanism-outcome analysis. We will highlight methodological issues in these reviews.



Hennie Boeije, is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Methodology and Statistics of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. The focus of her research is on qualitative evidence synthesis and on combinations with meta-analysis. She has several publications on this topic in the field of health care and related issues. She teaches qualitative research methods and wrote several textbooks that are widely used in education.



Floryt van Wesel obtained a B.Sc. in psychometrics, a M.Sc. in organizational psychology and a PhD in applied Bayesian statistics. Her educational and research experiences have given her extensive quantitative knowledge in addition to broad skills in qualitative methodology. She thus has a unique stance with regard to mixed methods research. She is currently an assistant professor at the department of Educational Neuroscience, VU University Amsterdam. Her research focuses on synthesis methodology for quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research.