The application of item response models using R

Workshop Title: The application of item response models using R


For the measurement of latent variables by a set of discretely scored items with ordered response categories, item response models can be used. For dichotomously scored items, the Rasch model, and the two- and three-parameter logistic models are discussed. For polytomously scored items, the graded response model, the partial credit model, the rating scale model, and the generalized partial credit model are discussed. It is shown how each of the models can be applied using R.



Lecturer: David J. Hessen  received his MA (1998, cum laude), his Ph.D. (2003), and his Post-Doctoral training (2005) in Psychological Methods and Psychometrics at the University of Amsterdam. Since November 2005 he has worked at the Department of Methodololgy and Statistics of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Utrecht University.